Getting Fit.
Getting Fit is a lifestyle change that we all have to make. Having more energy and feeling great are the side
affects to getting fit. It's up to you to make that commitment. Take the first step now and get hooked on
feeling GREAT!!!
Boot Camp is a great way to motivate yourself and get fit.
A No-Nonsense approach to getting fit.
By working on total body movements with running, power and agility drills, you will quickly gain strength and
endurance, taking you to the next level of fitness. It's time to make the commitment and get fit. Only you can
"Make Change Happen!!"
Rev up your metabolism and burn more calories.
Increase strength and muscular endurance.
Increase your cardio endurance.
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Boot Camp is a Six(6) week intense fitness program designed to push you to
your limits. The purpose of this program is to increase energy expenditure. This increase occurs in 2 ways:
directly and indirectly.

Direct energy expenditure is obvious. Perform x amount of exercise to burn x amount of calories. Jog on the
treadmill for an hour and burn 800 calories.

Indirect energy expenditure on the other hand isn’t quite as obvious or straightforward as it encompasses a number
of physiological demands. We will equate it to the amount of lean muscle mass one has and the effort the body
exerts to maintain it.
Indirect energy expenditure is directly related to the amount of muscle mass one is carrying.
More muscle = more fat loss.
Staying fit.
Once you've made the commitment to get fit, you have to stay fit. Use your imagination, mix things up to
keep yourself motivated, don't let yourself get tired of getting fit.
It's ON!!!
AY 6th 2014!!!!